Which Side of the Moon are You On?

Which side of the moon are you on?

Long time no talkies….  However there has been a lot of talk around about the SUPER BLOOD MOON!! and what the energy of this moon has brought, also the increase of cosmic waves from the sun dubbed Wave X, that is going to cause rapid ascension for those that are already on a spiritual path… huh? and the day of judgement for those that are not… I am not sure about that.  In scientific terms however, it is true that the sun is delivering more cosmic rays than ever before and this last blood moon was the last of 4 over the past 2 years, and all of these have fallen on auspicious days. Apparently this is quite a rare occurrence & in the past when this has happened major events have also occured… well this is yet to been seen, but I hope so it sounds so exciting!   To be honest I don’t know who or what to believe, I can only know what I experience!

I did feel a big build up of energy from the last new moon, and even for the past couple of months I have definitely felt that my energy and the energy around me intensified, I felt pressure from within and from without.  A lot of impurities in my mind were brought up for purification and release, so I do believe there to be some truth in the ascension, not that there will be spontaneous enlightenment happening to random people around the world, but that there is a purification of sorts going on.  Things happen much slower than we would like them too, unfortunately, because spontaneous enlightenment sounds great!

Many friends, clients and just general people have been saying the same; the energy has been intense, all sorts of S*%t has been going on. To me this is the dark side of the moon, the shadow part of ourselves, which is pretty obvious considering a full eclipse is when the moon is in the shadow of the earth and looses the white light of the sun, it goes into a dark hole, a place with no light, into a shadow.     To ascend or transcend means to go higher, in order to go higher or above where we are the lower vibrational energies that are inside us need to be transformed.  To do that we need to experience, own & process the lower vibrational thoughts, emotions & karmas… energy cannot be destroyed, it must be transformed. We can transform lower energies into higher vibrations like Anger into Power or Sadness into Love or Fear into Courage.  For me, yes this has been true lower energies have presented themselves for transformation, ascension?… well not yet! I am waiting….  I did go out and lay in the sun on 27th of September hoping to soak up some ascension rays  Lol… and to be honest in these last 2 days I have been feeling lighter and more positive!…  yes, feeling like I have my mojo back.. so thank you Mother Moon & Father Sun.

Sometimes I just like to just contemplate the Moon & the Sun & the Earth… without buying into all the whoohaa about it, you know the needing to predict something or know what it means.  Its all just so weird & magical, strange & mysterious.  I mean the sun is like a big fire ball in the sky, but really it is just the pure white light of God, showering down cosmic rays of consciousness & love on everyone!  The sun & cosmic consciousness is considered to be the masculine energy. The moon, well that is a big mystery to me… as all women are to men. Humans landed on the Moon in 1969 and we have never been back… Scared… Why? (actually if you are into conspiracy theories ‘google Moon Anomalies’)   The moon is so powerful that is pulls the water on the planet, and the fluids in our bodies, with its magnetism… it regulates our hormones and the menstrual cycle in women.  The moon reflects the sun’s rays down on us when we are on the dark side of the sun, except when an eclipse is occurring, then us humans on the dark side of the sun have no rays of the sun falling on us at all, and we all know that the moon gives us our moods… as in PMS, the werewolf  & also the lunatic!! we go crazy with the energy of the moon!. The moon is the feminine; she feels, she moves, she’s up & she’s down, she’s wild, magic, mysterious & intoxicating.

We can make it really complicated but in simple terms the sun and the moon are the polarity or duality that we can see and feel in our world.  Yoga is union and the symbol & meaning of Hatha is Sun & Moon (representing opposites)   Its all so connected and all so simple and all so magical!!! So the energies of the Sun & the moon balance the polarity in our bodies, which is Tantra, which is the science of life!  We are a micro of the macro.  We have an internal sun & an internal moon and these energies need to increase & balance.  Easy!

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