When do we Arrive in the New Year?

Have you arrived in 2016?

Its 1st Feburary! 1 month into 2016…. have we arrived yet?  I feel that I am just landing in my body in the space and time of 2016 now!

On New Years Eve when the clock strikes midnight (along with fireworks, celebrations, champagne, kisses, ambitions) it is in this turn of the clock, in this instance that we go from one year to the next in this moment we attempt to celebrate, forget, let go or even blow up the experiences of the past year and look forward to prosperity and better times ahead.

In reality this transition takes much longer.  When the year ends and a new begins it is time to take stock, to reflect on the past year; what we learned, experienced, gained and lost.. and to set a foundation, intention & even strategy for the year in ahead.  This period seems to take up the whole month of January for me. For us Down Under residents in January the sun is out the whether is hot, the beach is calling and so are friends, social commitments, BBQ’s families and so on.  January seems to be the month of no-mans land between the end of the previous year and the start of the coming year.   So for me the year doesn’t usually start rolling until  February or even the Chinese New Year, that’s when stuff starts to shake, rattle & roll….

So Lets Roll! In Reflection 2015 was challenging for me with new highs matched by new lows! Highs in both my personal & professional life; I got Married to Shaun Hennessey my handsome, loving, adoring & forever supportive partner, best friend & now husband.  Its a lovely feeling and experience to get married and to be married, of course there is still the everyday challenges of life and relating in an intimate way, but there seems to be a more togetherness, a more us in our lives which is beautiful.  I also spent 3 months in Winter in Fiji where Shaun was working so that really broke the year up for me.

I also facilitated my first overseas 9 day retreat “Ignite Your Internal Sun & Shine” in Bali with the help of my sister Sharee Co-facilitating & of course the divine help of my Spiritual Teachers Sri Jaya Shakti & Sri Jayanara’s love & blessings & all my teachers before them.  This was such a gift for me as it was an offering for the participants, an extraordinary experience of expansion and growth for everyone.  This trip certainly was not with out it’s challenges either… Volcano eruptions cancelled flights, emotional upheaval, immigration problems and relating dynamics all conspired to create situations where I had to stay completely grounded in the present moment, in my body focusing on the task at hand rather than the dramas unfolding.  I had some profound experiences of witnessing myself & accepting of what is.

Feedback from participant: “The first six days at Narasoma were filled with magic in so many subtle forms, so many memorable moments, insights and openings. Then arriving at Om Ham was like stepping into the garden of Eden – unexpectedly lush and vibrant. Being taken to Ashram Munivara, after everything that had come before, it felt like the earth was humming. The energy I felt there was incredible. But without the lead-up I doubt I would have felt it. Meditating with Ganesh and swimming in the holy beji were very memorable moments for me. Finally the Kiritan night just topped it all off! What an incredible love vibration! I can’t thank you enough Skye for sharing all that with us. Those memories and many more will remain close to my heart forever”

It really was just beautiful!! I thank all the participants that came, that trusted themselves & trusted myself and Sharee so that we could share an individual spiritual voyage together. Om Namah Shivaya!

Upon returning home from Bali after such a rapid and huge expansion comes the inevitable contraction so December, Christmas & New Year were very introverted for me. I think that was the deepest I have felt myself without running or avoiding, just being with myself, the emotions released were very deep, the ways of my mind that were revealed were intriguing & humbling.  In the past when I have gone into a contraction tunnel or the Dark side of the mountain as I like to call it.  I tend to loose myself, by that I mean ‘I am so in myself’ there is not a sliver of witness there… its just all Skye “what about me”, however on this soiree into the dark abyss there was company, that part of me that loves, that is impartial to my experience good or bad it just loves, this is not to say that the feeling experience is reduced or disconnected in anyway, just that more awareness is accompanying me whilst feeling, which actually allows a deeper level of feeling.  So the year end for me was new High’s, New Low’s & New Levels of Awareness!

Explaination: Dark Side of the Mountain – Once upon a time I was complaining…. LOL… I was complaining that I am just going round & round in circles that I seem to be ending up in the same place all the time, I go out I grow I seem to change, have new experiences and then BOOM…. back where I was last year or even years before.  This Wise Woman said to me “We are going up a mountain, you don’t go straight up a mountain to God, Liberation, Enlightenment etc…. the path up a mountain is around, when we start, we are at the base and it’s a long journey to circumnavigate the mountain but each time we go around like concentric circles we are also going up and yes we reach that same side of the mountain that looks the same, feels the same, but we are a little higher than the last time” 

At the same time I was going through the impossible pass of the dark side of my mountain I was also able to function! I reflected on the past year, what worked, what didn’t? where I wanted to go & where I was at now. I was at my massage studio in Dee Why! thinking how can I make this work better.  See, I have been teaching yoga at various places on the Northern Beaches and Sydney for that matter in an attempt to share the life changing Yoga that I learnt from Guru Arsana aka Sri Jaya Shakti, but what I realised is that I have been spreading myself to thin! I need to concentrate myself where I am! Anchor my energy, Guru Arsana’s energy in one place!  and like it had never been there before a small Yoga studio  was revealed! it came out of hiding in my massage studio!  So I spent days cleaning, chucking, moving & transforming this little space! In 2016 Raising Kundalini Head Quarters was born again and now it doubles as a bodywork studio and a small Yoga studio! This is not just a massage studio & yoga studio it is like my little temple, I meditate here, I pray here, I practice here.

I am  holding classes on Sunday & Wednesday mornings & TBC courses at night in Yoga & Meditation.  Also workshops, Full moon Havan ceremonies and New moon ceremonies and group breathwork sessions!  So watch this space, or better still come and experience this space & share my little temple.