What is Kundalini Tantra Yoga?


Kundalini Tantra Yoga is an innovative and powerful Yoga created by a true living Master to help open & detox the bodies and minds of people living in the present time.

Mr Ketut Arsana (Sri Jaya Shakti) is a Mahatma Therapist, healer, Spiritual Teacher, Master & Guru of Ashram Munivara.

Kundalini Tantra Yoga (KT Yoga) is a technique and system of healing yoga which comes from his personal mastery of Yoga and yearning to find the best technique to heal, detox and raise the energy & vibration of the body & mind.

Kundalini Tantra Yoga is a unique system that uses yoga postures and applies dynamic breathing and a flowing serpent like movement of the spine & pelvis, this combination opens the body further to deepen the experience & benefits of the posture.  The constant moving, flowing & breathing helps us to go beyond the mind and into a meditative space; where the body and mind more easily surrender blockages & tensions.  To raise our energy and vibration, we have to clear out the blockages that cause imbalance, disconnection, low vibration and dis-ease.

Note: Tantra is a complex philosophy but in basic terms & in this situation is not sexual in terms of Men & Women; Tantra is the balancing and union of polarity within ourselves, the union of the mind & body, masculine & feminine, positive & negative, light & dark, physical & subtle, macro & micro energies inside oneself.  It is intimacy & union with the self, not of a Man & Woman. However, being more intimate with yourself allows you to be more intimate with others, so there could be a benefit in that area too!

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Kundalini Tantra Yoga is fun & challenging! It helps clear the tensions & blockages in our body created by suppressed unconscious emotions & mental tensions or as the yogis call them, Samskaras. These blockages are Toxic!  They are the root of toxicity; these blockages are also what drive us to develop poor lifestyle habits & behavior that affect us negatively causing further toxicity, dis-ease & pain in our body & life.  Of course, we also absorb external toxins from our environment, that also need to be processed out of the body.

The unique style of movement & breathing creates a wave like energy current in the body by expanding and contracting the energy flow; people can in a short time feel the energy working, generating internal heat.  The energy flow, coursing through the body, results in activation of the Endocrine Glands. The Gland system secretes hormones into the blood stream to regulate every function of the body.

Balanced glands are vital because they stimulate, activate & influence the regulation of all the other systems of the body affecting us; physically, physiologically & psychologically & Spiritually.  If the gland system is out of balance then our whole system is out of balance! The Gland system is the foundation of health, the Endocrine system is also intrinsically connected to the energetic system of the Chakras. The balancing & cleansing of the glands helps to balance, cleanse & open the chakras & energetic bodies, so you are working on both the physical & the subtle energy body.

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In Kundalini Tantra Yoga it is important to activate the glands first because when the endocrine glands are active the entire body system is activated.  In an active state we become more flexible, supple & open so we can deepen into the postures, gain maximum benefit and avoid injury. The high volume of oxygen & prana moving inside the body expands the muscles, opens the joints, burns toxins, cleanses the blood and stimulates the lymphatic system.  The body gets hot as the detoxification process commences because it is working to purify, regulate and heal itself.

In this style of yoga you can really feel your whole body working through the polarity of expansion & contraction; opening & closing, inhaling & exhaling. Charging the body with new, light, positive, fresh energy & squeezing out the old, dark, negative stuck energy. Expansion can not happen without contraction. Through this process we become more balanced & integrated; we clear out the blockages that we hold in our body  that cause the contraction of our true nature. The result is expansion of our true nature, the  raising of our divine energy,  and it all happens through the  body.  We gradually let go of limiting beliefs, judgments & self-sabotage, then we naturally develop & gravitate towards positive lifestyle choices, thoughts, speech, actions & habits.


In Kundalini Tantr Yoga you facilitate a powerful detoxification process for your body & mind;  YOU create an active internal environment allowing purification, healing and balance to occur in the body, so that you can obtain or maintain optimum health, growth & overall wellness.

The pain that we experience in body and life are the blockages..  This pain can be seen as: physical discomfort, sickness, illness, anxiety, anger, sadness, depression & confusion, this pain can be reflected in the way we experience our life in terms of relationships; intimate, family, professional & social.

Kundalini Tantra Yoga opens, cleanses & strengthens the physical body, mind & energetic bodies in preparation for Kundalini energy to rise, and for our consciousness to expand.



Clearing the blockages from our body & mind raises our energy, increases vibration & expands conscious awareness, consequently our divine light shines more purely from inside radiating into the manifest world transforming our perception of reality!

That’s why it is called Kundalini Tantra Yoga, raising & balancing energy through movement & breath. It is combined with Kundalini, Astanga, Hatha and Sivananda (Surya Namaskar) Yoga. Guru Ketut Arsana has chosen particular asanas which are important in raising energy and stimulating the Endocrine gland system.

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