HELLO SURYA!! Give yourself permission to Blossom

Hello Surya!!!

Give yourself permission to Blossom..

I hope this belated Spring Newsletter finds you all well and full of energy moving towards the warmer months.  It has been a bit of a bumpy ride into spring this year… transition is rarely as smooth and as quick as we desire, change is sprinkled with instability, which has been reflected in the change of seasons of late, we are in mid Spring, but our environment is not quite sure, spring one day and then back to winter…  In saying that, the warmer weather has definitely arrived, the rigidity and contraction of winter has relaxed and melted away, and our bodies are slowly starting to thaw out allowing for more flexibility, creativity, spontaneity & expansion on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

If you can take a moment to reflect on the past winter months, the austerity of winter, is a closing down…. a re-calibration, a re-grouping, it is a time for going inwards and reflection.  It is contracting; Winter contracts your awareness back to yourself and this is why it sometimes feels laborious and hard. The Earth energy of the Winter season process’s us and forces us to go inside ourselves (However, we hardly slow down in our modern lifestyles, we are experts at avoiding going in… without going in, we don’t allow for the healing and introspective time of winter).  Winter is really is a time for hibernation a deep slumber where the days are shorter and we get more well deserved and needed rest… which I hope you all got! I feel that Winter is the time to remember we are a human being, not a human doing!.  Now is the time to imerge like Bears from hibernation Hungry for life, to start doing, to roll around in the grass, feel the heat of the sun, to feed from the fat of the land, rejoice, expand and be happy!

As the seasons go, so is the cycle of life, as without contraction, there is no expansion, to continue to grow we are always expanding and contracting. It can sometimes seem that life proceeds by way of breakdowns and reconstructions, ups & downs, and they seem to go round and round…  This happens in a macro/micro kind of a way as in every day we experience ups & downs, then every week, every month, every year and over our whole life, individually, as a community, as a culture and as a planet.  These ups and downs, expansions and contractions are how we grow & evolve.  The learning is in the contraction, which boosts us into a state of expansion which leads us straight into another stage of learning or contraction.  As my spiritual teacher says ‘always have a problem, having a problem is good, if you don’t have a problem, your not learning and if your not learning you know that you are dead!’  Dead or not growing… I suppose they mean the same thing…  With this way of looking at life, we learn to really embrace and value our problems and challenges.  We can also learn to separate ourselves from ourselves, to step outside of ourselves and observe, this helps to be less emotionally charged by the ups and downs of life.  When we are less emotionally charged we can navigate through the winding path of life with more harmony, peace and grace.

You might find if you look back on the Winter season that you experienced many realisation about yourself and your perception of the world.  You may have experienced being sick with colds, flu or something else, which brings with it negative feelings to be released; this is a form a purification and a clearing out of old, and possibly natures way of ensuring that you take a good rest, slow down & nurture yourself.  Either way it is  making room and preparing you for an emerging new part of yourself that you can reveal to the world.

Spring time of course is a time of growth, of rebirth, revelation and the emerging of the new & the vulnerable. Time to reveal yourself!

The days are expanding, the sun is in our atmosphere for longer offering us more prana, more solar energy to charge our bodies and minds with.  The new energy inspires us to take on new projects, expand business, be more creative and ground new routines into our life.

We are also challenged to integrate our insights & learnings from Winter, to surrender to change and to be vulnerable with our new truths.  It can also be a time that many fears surface as in the state of a blooming flower; I love this quote and I feel it to be so true.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”
It does feel very risky and scary to be seen, to reveal your true self, to bloom! With this in mind, heart & body I encourage you to be courages, to be, speak & embody your truth, to Love yourself. Love yourself enough to be yourself! Reveal yourself and blossom in Spring!  The Earth in this season supports you to do it, so breakdown your barriers, expand & bloom!

Feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the ground under your feet and the air in your lungs! Be bold, Be Brave & Blossom!!!

I have 2 wonderful ways you can welcome the Spring, open your body & expand your awareness and to support and encourage your blossoming!

* Experience a Massage at my new professional home In Dee Why.
* Commit to 6 week course of KT Yoga through the Elements