I attended Skyes “Cleansing of the Elements” weekend in December, 2014. I didn’t really know what to expect, what I didn’t expect was it would change my life! Skye guided the group through enlightening experiences and shared her knowledge of everything Kundalini. I personally experienced an incredible moment with an intense breath work class, I found something that I have been missing for a long time and now I feel more complete. Skye made me feel comfortable enough to express myself and more importantly to just be with myself. We shared ceremonies, river swims, great food and lots of laughs. I have come away with a clearer path which in turn has effected my family in only positive ways, my oldest son said that I am like a new mum! I cant wait until the next course Skye offers as I will be there without a doubt. I could not recommend an experience with Skye more highly as she has a great gift and she is willing to sharing it!

Coral Comport

Avalon, Sydney


Just finished Skye’s amazing Elemental Cleanse Retreat at Mangrove Mountain.

Skye held the space very well for the 8 of us and didn’t muck around with bringing out our authentic selves as soon as we all met!  This is Skye’s greatest gift as she is completely her own authentic self and helps others focus on what’s important for their own evolution through the dynamic yoga and breath work techniques she teaches.  I highly recommend Skye as a truly evolved, competent and down to earth health practitioner  who’s not afraid to get her and your hands dirty and support you through this process with love, insight and most importantly humour.

Alison Riley  The Wholefood Nutritionist

A L I S O N   R I L E Y


Thankyou Thankyou for an experience (many actually!) that I’ll never forget. I’ve felt great this week, and have many new feelings and memories flowing around. What a special place mangrove mountain is. Skye your amazing! Made me feel comfortable and confident to express whatever, wherever, whenever. You have a gift and I feel lucky to have been apart of this group.

Blaise Simmons


How lucky we were last weekend to share the warm energy under Skye’s guidance and big heart.

I have felt times of flow mixed in with times of introspection. Actually I feel that i am more in the moment ! Deeper breathing, more core connection and kinder to myself. Thst is not to say that some challenging emotions have not come up but I have been able to observe and let go.

Skye, what a very special, significant, comfortable, affordable, warm, safe, healthy, and empowering Kundalini Yoga Retreat Weekend. You steered our ship safely and lovingly.

With deep gratitude, appreciation, and affection to you Skye and the rest of the beautiful souls.