Plant Your Seeds & Watch Them Grow

Plant Your Seeds Now!

Grow with the expanding light of day as we move towards the sun!

In the Southern hemisphere we just passed the Winter solstice, which means the darkest day of the year is behind us.  The solstice is a tiny moment of peace & balance before movement starts in the opposite direction, the contraction of energy has ceased and we are slowly kicking into a more active expansive gear as we head back towards the sun.

In the lead up to the Winter Solstice the light of day, literally daily time span that the sun shines down and showers us with light, our complete energy source is contracting.  This time of contraction is when we pull back into ourselves or hibernate as some animals do, it is a time for introspection, time to go in and reflect, to re-calibrate, rest & rejuvenate. This extra time with ourselves is important because it allows time for evaluation, for planning, for checking in with ourselves and for consciously planting the seeds of possibilities & intensions for our ambitions and purpose. In the coming months we can take advantage of the increase of actively expanding energy to fuel the birth of our seeds of thought into reality through action.

I regularly observe and point out the macro micro concept and I like to reference it back to our breath; everything is in one breath!  so with that in mind, now is the time of the year when the Earth has completely emptied her lungs (winter solstice) and she is now beginning to in-hale, just starting to breath in, to expand, thus we start the active phase of the year which continues through to the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, the peak of expansion, the top of the inhale.

So if you haven’t reflected on how you feel, where you are going, what you want to create & re-visited your goals and challenges, then now is the time to do it!  Go inside yourself, create some hibernation time, get clear on your intensions and plant your seeds!  So that when Spring time rolls around you can capitalise on the expansion of energy, take action and grow your seedlings into existence.

Spring is the most active time in nature; flowers bloom, babies are born, ice melts, rivers flow, dolphins, whales, birds & land animals migrate, crops ripen and our intensions can come to fruition! We have more energy from the sun to draw on for power, motivation & focus…. But if we didn’t plant our seeds then we miss the growing season!

The expanding cycle of the sun is a time for expression, for creating, for risk taking, for growing, for challenge, for learning, for birthing, for being and becoming, putting yourself out there… every year push your boundaries past the last and bust through your personal glass ceiling!

We can take advantage of this active phase of expansion until the Summer Solstice, the top of the inhale, when we pass the peak and energy starts to contract as the Earth begins her ex-hale and when its time for us to surrender, to let go and move inwards for introspection and settle in for the more passive phase of the cycle again.

The Sun gives us everything! The sun gives us energy, illumination, cycles of growth and expansion, introversion & reflection, the sun gives us heat, energy, power & knowledge.  It also demonstrates our emotional cycles, showing that we all have dark nights and to trust in the dawn, because the light of dawn always comes! both inside of us and out.  I have come to the realisation the sun is my God, is my constant support and is constantly leads me back to myself through nature.  Of late I have been communing with the sun and also planting seeds of my own!

I have been so inspired by the Sun that I have called this years transformational retreat

& get your Kundalini Rising
Ubud, Bali

IGNITE YOUR INTERNAL SUN retreat in Ubud Bali 14th – 22nd November!  I am so excited its really is going to be amazballs! I am collaborating everything that I have learned on my path thus far and designing a way that I can convey to the participants through their own experience some very profound truths!  Talk about planting seeds!…  plant this seed if you want to expand yourself and improve your life!  

Also for my regular Yoga Peps…. I know I have been threatening it for a while… I started a Youtube Channel!! Now this is very much in its infancy just a seedling at the moment, but watch this space, with love & attention I will improve my camera abilities and grow! but to get started I recorded one class here in Fiji the other day, there will be plenty more where that came from so please watch, like and share as you please!
If you would like to come and ‘IGNITE YOUR INTERNAL SUN’ shine & get your kundalini rising in Bali, then definitely do! Don’t miss out, I only have limited spots with loads of people interested and it is going to be totally marvelous & magic! The Early Bird price is almost Cost price, it will never be such amazing value again.  Visit the Webpage for more information and if you have any questions email me  or text me and I can call you back on Skype as I am in Fiji at the moment.