Mr Ketut Arsana

Ketut Arsana is the creator of Kundalini Tantra Yoga He is my Spiritual Yoga Teacher & Mentor

About Guru Arsana

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 10.29.14 AMGuru Ketut Arsana is a Balinese yogi and healer who teaches worldwide but has his base in Ubud, Bali. Guru Arsana was the first person to bring yoga to Ubud, a long time before it became the yoga Mecca of today.

Starting off with basically nothing in a family of Balinese healers, he had to start working at an early age to be able to go to school. He has come a long way since then and is today a well-known yogi, spiritual teacher and healer who travels the world teaching and leading workshops on Kundalini Tantra yoga.

His Life Journey

Born in Ubud Guru Arsana started yoga in middle school and was from an early age guided by his spirit to be silent and meditate. At that age he didn’t know what yoga or meditation was but he just loved to connect with himself and God.

There was a lot of sadness in his family and as a child he didn’t find a meaning in life. He asked “What is life?” and “What is God?” but he didn’t get any answers, he got stressed and bored with his life and wanted to kill himself or just die. 

Later on he found a spiritual teacher that taught him about Moksha (oneness with God), yoga, meditation and prayer. He wanted to become a religious teacher so he went to a school especially for Agama (religion). In school he became a top student at yoga and was teaching yoga in TVRI (television station) every week. Not many people were interested in yoga at that time but gradually more people came to learn and to see him as a healer.

He had several experiences with death and one of them was due to illness when he was small and was miraculously cured with the help of his grandfather’s prayers. The grandfather surrendered his own life in exchange for his grandson’s and offered his grandson to be a servant of God and help the people. Three days after Guru Arsana was cured his grandfather passed away.

Bodyworks Centre for Yoga & Healing

In the 1980s Guru Arsana founded Ubud Bodyworks Centre in Ubud, Bali which is a holistic healing centre, treating people using a variety of methods on many levels. At Bodyworks he has been able to help countless local people and overseas visitors with their physical and spiritual problems. At Bodyworks there are regular Kundalini Tantra yoga classes daily as well as various massage therapies on offer and healing sessions with Guru Arsana can be booked at reception. For more information visit:

Bodyworks website click here

Kundalini Tantra Yoga

Guru Arsana has developed the Kundalini Tantra Yoga: a technique and system of healing which comes from his personal mastery of Yoga and yearning to find the best method of healing the body.

A dedicated practice of Kundalini Tantra Yoga brings students to a place of true holistic health; emotional, physical and spiritual. In yoga we all move together in a dance, the energy flowing, using the body as a Yantra to receive and create energy – God energy.

According to the teachings of Guru Arsana, if we just focus on Kundalini without Tantra it will create desire, but Kundalini combined with Tantra will make the energy flow. Kundalini Tantra Yoga will support people to find Jnana Budha Siwa, which means to ‘find God inside and outside of ourselves through divine knowledge’.

Ashram Munivara in Ubud, Bali

Guru Arsana established Ashram Munivara in 2006 to further assist the spiritual needs of the seeker and to offer people from overseas the opportunity to fully experience his culture and to develop an understanding of Universal Spirituality. The ashram offers daily Kundalini Tantra yoga classes, as well as regular Vedanta-based Hindu ceremonies and spiritual practices. Visitors are welcome to stay at the ashram for short or longer periods.

To visit Ashram Munivara website click here

Mission in Life

The main reason he started to teach yoga was to help people to move from living from the mind to living from the heart. Throughout his entire life, he has devoted both time and money to local communities and currently travels around the world to help people. Guru Arsana is the founder of Ubud Bodyworks Centre, Ubud Aura Retreat Centre, Ashram Munivara and Santam Bhuana Foundation.