What is Kundalini?

Meditation-graphic.jpgKundalini is a tough concept to put into words…..


What do people think it is….? Does anyone know what it does? Or how to raise it?  Please comment.

Kundalini Serpent

Kundalini is energy. A potential form of prana or life force that is sleeping, lying dormant, as in unmanifest or inactive in our bodies the human organism.  So this divine resource is there, but untapped.  Like a reserve of oil in the earth that is undiscovered. We are not aware of it, we are not conscious of it, so most of us have not experienced this potent energy.   (image from Wheels of Life Book)

Kundalini is the serpent energy; Conceptualised or symbolised as a female snake or serpent coiled up 3 .5 times inside our base Chakra, a component of the subtle body. The base Chakra is located near the base of our spine. In Sanskrit its name is Mooladhara and this is the lowest level of consciousness in a human being, it is the origin of our more instinctual or animal traits such as survival; shelter, food & procreation.  Kundalini is waiting there sleeping in inertia until we wake her up.  When she wakes she will spiral up the spine or Shashumna in the subtle body, attempting to ascend  through the next 5 charka’s cleansing & cleaning on her way.  As she goes she takes our conscious awareness with her, so we expand upwards & outwards.  The snake is so inert, it is a ground dweller, this is why the cobra is so revered & respected because it defies it’s inertia and goes beyond it’s  limited reality, it rises up & expands. When Kundalini starts her ascent we go beyond our current reality, we move to higher and higher realms of consciousness.

Kundalini (2)Kundalini is a residual power of purity or divinity, a reservoir of psychic energy.  It is a seed of divine energy, of pure essence, that is inside of every human being.  However, the majority of us are yet to realise or tap this energy that lays dormant in the Base Chakra. The seed has not been sprouted!

Kundalini is Shakti energy: Shakti is the feminine energy of which the qualities are creative, dynamic & manifestive, the flowing energy of the universe.  It’s the part that moves and shakes to get things done always moving, always creating.

Her ultimate goal is to move from the base Chakra, where she wakes up, to the Crown Chakra where she will met up with her consort Shiva, the masculine energy, the polar opposite. The quality of masculine energy is pure presence, pure consciousness.  Shiva & Shakti yearn to be united as one to create harmony & balance.  We live in a world of polarity or duality, Shiva & Shakti represent this polarity and integration of polarity; the union of Shiva & Shakti represents Enlightenment or going beyond duality.

This union is said to be the most extraordinary, wonderful, magical experience.  However the process in getting there can be somewhat different!!  I certainly do not claim to have awakened Kundalini but I have had some mild dalliances with Kundalini and at times it has been terrifying, overwhelming & over powering, sometimes pleasurable & fun but always extraordinary & magical.  It is an individual process, everyone is different so no one person is going to have the same experience.  There are many levels and layers and it can take many many life times for the culmination of a full awakening.

For Kundalini to rise and merge with Shiva the individual must be at a certain level of polarity integration, i.e. the masculine/feminine, light/dark  aspects of the individual are fairly integrated.  The shadow self must be owned & integrated.

As seen in the diagram above. Ida is an energy channel in the subtle body that represents the Feminine energy and Pingala is the energy channel that represents the masculine energy and Sushumna is the central channel where Kundalini travels, we must balance Ida & Pingala for Sushumna to be open. (this is a subject within itself, so we won’t go there at the moment).

nadis21The arousing & raising of Kundalini Shakti is said to be the one and only way of attaining divine wisdom.  Self-realisation.  The awakening of Kundalini is the awakening of, or the remembering of knowledge = Enlightenment.

Kundalini conceals the pure essence of a person, the divine soul is realised through raising Kundalini energy.  This is an epic journey but once an individual raises their Kundalini to the point of fully awake, they achieve enlightenment, self-realisation/realised god while in a human body. The soul finds its way home to God/Shiva/all that is etc… merges with the pure consciousness of Shiva, becomes one with all.  (once I was lost, then found… Amazing Grace)

As said before, Kundalini is dormant in the vast majority of human beings, it is waking or rising in a very small portion  (In saying that, there are more and more human beings on the Earth that are at or coming close to this evolutionary step, which is very exciting!  A being with fully awakened Kundalini energy is extremely rare!  These are the Masters, or enlightened beings, the self-realised people or Holy people.

What is there for people regarding a Holy Person? Please comment, I would love to hear the opinions of people as many of us have some kind of religious trauma, like: holy people are good and people that are not holy are bad etc etc… which makes for a community of people that hold varying experiences, judgements & opinions around Holiness.

When Kundalini is fully awake in an individual, it means they have merged their physical body with their subtle body & their soul, representing union of all aspects of themselves, which means they have become WHOLE or integrated as one. This is Tantra.  Therefore they are self-realised, realised God & the true nature of human beings.  The yogis call this moksha and it is the desired outcome of all spiritual practice.  Being wholy is not a label someone can give you, it is a personal process of becoming whole.

This is part of the perceived separation from Shiva/God/Oneness/Spirit/pure consciousness, whatever you want to call it…  the seed of the divine self is planted in the form of sleeping kundalini, but the seed is dormant unsprouted so we don’t we don’t realise that the seed inside us is part of the whole… The same as if a drop of ocean water could be removed from the ocean and put in a glass… it is separate but it is still ocean water… if that water could transcend the boundaries of the glass then it would again be merged in the ocean, in our case when our energy & consciousness can burst through the boundaries of our physical body & material world we again merge with the vast ocean of consciousness that is all.

We can of course go through life without waking Kundalini energy, and we of course still progress and learn.  We hear people say ‘we are one’ but until we have a small taste, an actual experience of that divine oneness, it falls on deaf ears.  The journey of Kundalini waking and moving towards the crown means that;  the seed of oneness grows, and at every step of the way our conscious awareness of being ‘One’ becomes broader and broader we literally expand. We get closer and closer to becoming one with all,  the seed is growing from the Earth, through our bodies to the cosmos until we finally merge with the sea of pure consciousness whilst being in a body. As the energy travels through the body we have to process all blockages/karma on the path.    This is the greatest achievement of the Evolutionary game of growth on Earth.

A Holy person is a Whole person, as in all bodies fully integrated as one enlightened being.

These awakened or enlightened beings have realised their divinity, and are aware of the purpose of humanity and its role in the universe.  This union of Shiva & Shakti, the raising of an individuals Kundalini, brings with it; divine intelligence and endows the individual with the ability to connect to the collective consciousness.  They then, have what we perceive to be; mystical powers, spiritual knowledge & physic gifts.  They can have the ability to see past & future and to see our energetic bodies and blockages.  They have the intuition to know what we need to do to work off our karma & evolve to our highest potential in this life.

They are the pioneers, guides and gurus of humanity like; Jesus Christ, I am not saying that all Spiritual leaders & Gurus are as powerful as Jesus Christ, but nonetheless we do have enlightened beings on Earth that have these same qualities.  They know the key to unlocking Kundalini energy, that is what they are teaching of in all of the spiritual texts in the various cultures & ages; they are all talking about the same thing.

jesusOnce these people have achieved a certain level of awareness, they realise truth, the true nature of human beings and thus these awakened beings, Guru’s & teachers surrender their lives in service to humanity. They compassionately assist and guide others on the path to realise their own divinity and wholeness so that the whole of humanity and the planet continues on its evolutionary path of realisation & higher vibration.

Kundalini is a powerful energy, it is a normal and pre-scripted evolutionary process!  A mechanism that is going to raise the level of consciousness in humans, it is how we are going to transcend our current reality.  Kundalini contains the highest potential for individuals and humanity as a whole to grow from.  It is a sort of spiritual technology/power held in the body, a kind of key or code in the human organism that requires unlocking, and will only awaken in people when they have achieved a certain stage or level in their souls evolution.  Many people are arriving at this stage.

Eventually enough individuals will become self-realised that we will arrive at a critical mass of self-realised people. Then, we raise the consciousness/vibration of this world.  Pretty deep… but it is true.

The more people that find peace, compassion &  become enlightened the easier it is for the following people.  Its very progressive.  It is very hard for the leaders, so humbled by the teachers, guides and realised people before us.

Hmmm how can I make an analogy?.  Take for example sports.  I remember when the first person in the world did a backflip on a motorbike, now for this person it was super scary, he had to trust himself, to really believe & know that he was going to do it, to have faith he was going to make it..  He did it!  Then in the months and years following it’s like every kid is doing backflips, it easy, their perception is not ‘it hasn’t been done, it can’t be done…’ it is  ‘its easy everyone can do it’.  So sort of the same principle.  At first the path is hidden and treacherous, however the more people that walk the path the wider it gets, the less bumpy, the smoother it becomes the easier for the next people to walk.

I think that one day all humans will be enlightened, as that is the direction humanity must go.  Then of course it won’t be considered enlightened or enlightened will be the norm!

 There is always more levels of evolution it just keeps going.  There is always higher vibration but I think there are landmark stages.

RAISING KUNDALINI is literally the purpose of human life!!  It is  the process of grounding the spirit & enlightening the body & mind.  It is the highest divine purpose of an individual and humanity as a whole.

So I have found my life purpose!  Actually, most people through the initial stages of raising their energy become aware of their life purpose, sometimes through a trauma or sickness… through that process they progress to a higher level of consciousness where they resonate with something, they remember something, and they realise their career and/or life is out of integrity with their divine purpose.  Some lucky people already know their life purpose or life’s work.  I feel that our purpose is how we want to serve humanity, our purpose is our path to self-realisation.  In most cases you can thank the sickness, illness or breakdown for this awakening.  Sickness isn’t bad, it is a tool for expansion!  Because expansion cannot happen without contraction! They co-exist. 

Kundalini is a miracle tool that can enable us to realise that we are much more than our bodies, personalities, material possessions & roles that we play in this life.

I think Human life is a gift from god to grow, we cannot grow without form, we need a body to process our karma through and move into compassion and acceptance of all, love of all.  To accept and love all, we need to realise that; we have indeed all ‘be there and done that’.  Even the areas that we hold the most judgement, because holding judgments is actually a little hint that somewhere in our evolution we did that same thing, we are unconscious of it, but we have not forgiven ourselves for it.  To forgive someone else is really to forgive yourself!

This physical plane of existence (where we are now; Earth) could be looked at as spiritual school and we are only in Kindi!

But is fun being in Kindi…. learning, playing, loving, growing.

Bring in the love, light & peace!

So were do we start?

Why doesn’t everyone just raise their Kundalini Energy and get on with raising the consciousness of the planet?  Sounds easy enough!

Because we have blockages in our energy channels…. What are the blockages? 


To Be Continued….

If you have an experience or feel like you have something to share or discuss then please comment and/or share with others.