Kundalini Tantra Yoga through the Elements

elementsIn this 6 week course Kundalini Tantra Yoga is introduced by progressing through the Elements of creation. Commencing with the densest element Earth, then Water, Fire, Air, Ether & Balanced integration.  The course is designed to bring the qualities & dynamics of each element to your yoga practice and everyday life.  You will progressively build on, and integrate each element as you move through the weeks developing into a full integrated & balanced practice by week 6.

During the course you will be supported & inspired by:

  • Weekly Kundalini Tantra Yoga Class
  • Weekly guided meditation (to be practiced daily for best results)
  • Weekly asana practice (to be practiced daily for best results)
  • Email syllabus outlining how the element of that week affects you; physically, emotionally, mentally & energetically
  • How you can recognise & benefit from cultivating awareness of Elements in your life.
  • Optional basic diet guidelines for those who want to take the 7 week course to a deeper level of detox.
  • Optional Elemental Cleanse Retreat the weekend following the completion of the course

7 Week Course Overview

5 Elements – Week 1

The 5 Elements of creation are outside and inside all of us.  The combination of these 5 Elements working together is how the physical world exists, including us!  The 5 Elements are what allows Spirit to descent into physical form, matter. First into Space/Either the finest of the of the Elements, then into Air; Space contracts into Air; Space & Air contract into Fire; Space, Air & Fire contract into Water & Space, Air, Fire & Water all contract into the densest of the Elements Earth.  Earth contains all 5 Elements. The Chakras are the energy centres in the body that draw in the Elemental Cosmic energy that manifests our physical body. Where we exist physically, in our bodies and on planet Earth contains all 5 Elements, to live in harmony with our body, mind & world we require the 5 Elements to be balanced. Week 1 will be an introduction & class and Emails start following the first class.

Earth Element – Week 2

Earth is the densest or most solid & contracted of the elements and of course is associated with the Earth and with grounding or being grounded.  It is the Element of the Base Chakra which connects us to the ground, to our more instinctual nature, the primitive part of ourselves that is concerned with survival and operates from instinct.  The Energy of the Earth Element is solidity, so our focus for the physical practice of yoga in week 1 will be on building our foundation; stability & strength of both body & mind. Our physical foundation; awareness of where our weight is held in a posture, the origin of the movement,where we are anchored to the ground, where the source of stability, support & power come from that allow the body to move & flow. The more stability & support the safer the body feels to let go and open up, a strong foundation creates trust & trust creates flow.

Water Element – Week 3

Water Element is still relatively dense, but it is flexible & adaptable, it is creative & life giving and it wants to flow… When water is stagnate it becomes putrid when it flows it purifies.  Water is the Element of the Sacral Chakra which is the seat of emotions, desires & sexuality. Emotions are just Energy in Motion, emotions should be coming up and flowing out of the body, stuck emotions can cause us to feel stiff and rigid in the body.  In our physical practice of yoga in week 2 the focus will be to cultivate the quality of water; softness, suppleness, flowing & moving & letting everything go.  The breath is a powerful tool for flow, the breath is like the energetic river system within the body.  The body & breath moving & flowing together allowing the body to open up, surrender and accept.  Only after surrender & acceptance can we be open to transformation.


Fire Element – Week 4

Fire Element is both destructive & creative, its energy is transformational; it destroys, and creates space for new life. Fire is the element of the Solar Plexus the seat of passion, personal power, drive & direction, it is considered the engine room of the body as it is where we generate heat, fire is heat!  It also governs the digestive system. In our physical practice of yoga for week 3 our focus will be on generating internal heat; through breath, movement & concentration.  When we create internal heat all the body systems fire up and a deep detoxification starts to occur; the Endocrine system is activated and starts to regulate, toxins are dumped from the organs & glands into the blood stream, the blood stream dumps toxins into the lymph system which carries them to the extremities of the body to be excreted through the lymph nodes in the form of sweat.  Heat burns off impurities & leaves us feeling lighter, once we have burnt off impurities we can move into love & compassion.

Air Element – Week 5

Air Element is light, fresh, energising & high vibration, It is contrary to Earth as it is without perceivable form. Air is vital to human survival, through the process of breathing in Air we breath in the pure life force or prana, Air provides the most powerful element for purification.  The more prana one has in their body the more vital and alive they are.  Air is the Element of the Heart Chakra the seat of love & compassion, if an individual can live in the energy of their heart they have total freedom; to live in the vibration of the heart one must have to come to a place of total love and acceptance of themselves.  Our physical practice in week 5 will be heart based & focused on the breath as high vibrational life force to energise & charge the body with love, to go beyond the lower emotions & limiting beliefs. Chanting and devotional singing is connected to the Heart & the Element Air as Singing is Air with emotion, we can process our emotions out of the body on the breath.

Space Element – Week 6

Space is the finest vibration of the elements and actually provides the space for the other Elements to exist. It is the highest vibration of sound and cannot be perceived through the 5 senses it is more the Element of Spirit or the 6th sense.  It is vastly expansive, empty & full at the same time. This Element within us enables us to realise that we are much more than our physical bodies, there is a much greater purpose to our existence than the material world, we connect with something bigger than ourselves.  The quality of Space is consciousness, we expand our ability to perceive  & transform our reality.   The physical practice of Yoga in week 6 will be focused on Integrating all qualities of the 5 Elements: Strong stable grounded foundation, Fluid movement & breath, Create heat & maintain activation of the body, Meditate on the Breath & go beyond the mind, let the body take over & trust the space.  To cultivate an awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses and adapt your practice to balance.

Integration of 5 Elements

Balance; The whole universe is made up of the 5 Elements and our bodies are a manifestation of the 5 Elements, the Chakras are the energy centres in the body and they draw in the elemental cosmic energy and create our physical body.  We are all of course different and some of us have more Earth Element, while others have more Air, the aim is to be aware of ourselves and to find Balance.  Balance is an internal process & experience, the outer world or would around us is just a reflection of our internal reality, so by finding balance in the body & mind we also create balance in daily life.

Recommended Optional Elements

Elemental Cleansing Weekend Retreat

To complete the cycle we are offering a weekend retreat that is a full physical cleanse through the elements!!  This is optional but highly recommended as it will bring it all together for you, allowing you the space and time to integrate what you have become aware of within.  A perfect way to finalise your course and open up to new possibilities. The retreat will be held at the beautiful Mangrove Mountain Yoga Ashram just 1.5 hours from Sydney on the 1st weekend in April 2014.  The retreat is a Cleanse through the Elements and will offer; intensive Kundalini Tantra Yoga, light breathwork, meditation practices, Kirtan chanting & singing, water cleanse in the river, fire ceremony, delicious vegetarian food & good company! For more information Read More

Breathwork Sessions

To get the absolute most out of this 6 week course you can include a package of either 3 or 6 Massage/breathwork sessions.  These sessions are the most profound purification known to human existence.  Using the natural element Air and your conscious and dynamic breathing in this session you heal yourself with your own breath by charging the body with a concentrated flow of prana that brings impurities out from deep within the cells of your body having a profound affect on your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing. Breathwork is a miracle tool given to us by divine grace and hidden under the very act of breathing! breathe normally and stay alive or breath very consciously and have a true and extraordinary experience of yourself. I highly recommend having 3 sessions 1 per fortnight during this course.  I can incorporate the breathwork sessions with a massage session or you could have any combination or massage and breathwork.



Dee Why School of Yoga

Dee Why School of Yoga has been the space of Yoga & meditation over 20 years, the energy that has been created there is supportive, safe and dare I say magic! it is the perfect space for my classes, workshops and courses.

Massage & Breathwork Sessions: I have a new professional home in a beautiful space at Dee Why School of Yoga, my practitioner room is opposite the main yoga studio.  I have 3 regular appointment times 10.00am, 12.00pm, 2.00pm or 4.00pm from Sunday through to Friday (other times can be organised please call me to organise).

Workshop date:  To Be advised

KT Yoga through the Elements:  Start date: To be advised

Dee Why School of Yoga: Level 1, Stones Arcade, 675 Pittwater Road Dee Why

Breathing Space Yoga – Avalon

I am blessed to be able to hold my workshops, courses and classes at Breathing Space as it is renowned for their excellent & inspiring teachers who aim to promote holistic & seasonal alignment through the practice of asana, pranayama & meditation.  Breathing Space holds a high vibration energy.

Workshop date:  To be advised

KT Yoga through the Elements:  Start date: To be advised

Breathing Space Yoga: 6/48 Old Barrenjoey Road (above the red cross shop in Chelsea Lane)

Be still & Chill Heath & Wellness Centre – Brookvale

Be Still & Chill started in Balgowlah and has just moved to their brand new premises in Brookvale.  The new centre embodies the energy & nature in which it was built, sustainably for the community with love.  I am really happy to be working in this mud wall studio along side like minded people.  I look forward to growing my services here. Watch this space!

Workshop date:  To be advised

KT Yoga through the Elements:  Start date: To be advised

Be Still & Chill: Suite 206, 658 Pittwater Road, Brookvale (Entrance from

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