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There is nothing more powerful than letting your unique Light Shine & Radiate into the world around you!  If you want to turn on your light & shine, Give yourself permission to join “Ignite your Internal Sun” retreat!

Anyone notice their life is speeding up? The Sun is delivering increasingly more cosmic energy on the Earth which affects the magnetic field of the Earth & in turn the magnetic particles in our brains, our human antenna, that receives and transmits energy & information. In short our consciousness is growing at a rapid rate & matching that seems to be a rapid increase in natural disasters, global political & economic unrest, environmental devastation & materialism gone mad! and many of us are experiencing individual physical, emotional & mental dis-ease.  Everything is speeding up & getting more intense!    This characterises that NOW is also a time when there is massive opportunity for personal & collective empowerment, growth & transformation!

The Sun has been worshiped since the beginning of time as God, as the giver of life, and for good reason; without the Sun there is no life, it is our complete source of energy & growth, the sun imbibes physical & spiritual knowledge & power.  We can invite, embody & employ the knowledge & power from of the Sun for personal & collective growth.

Your body is a micro of the macro, which means you have an internal Sun within you! igniting your internal sun symbolises & fuels your spiritual awakening, when we light our internal sun a fire ignites inside you, it burns up impurities, limitations and negative thoughts, speech & actions.  It casts the light on our being and exposes the shadow for revelation and transformation! Allowing your pure, unadulterated & individually unique light to SHINE through!  The path to enlightenment begins with Igniting your internal Sun!


  • 9 Days & 8 Nights (Accom is twin share, single rooms are available for additional cost)
  • Accommodation (5 nights at Narasoma retreat & 3 Nights at Om Ham retreat)
  • Intensive Kundalini Tantra Yoga – Deep Immersion
  • Organic Food & Juice inc. 5 day juice & coconut water fast
  • Yoga, Blessing & Treatment with a Master Yogi (Guru Arsana) creator of Kundalini Tantra Yoga
  • Ashram Experience (Visit ashram for meditation & Spiritual Practice of Monobrata)
  • Kundalini Tantra Yoga Daily (with various teachers & the Master)
  • Pranayama, Breathwork & Bio Energetic Processes
  • Personality Defence Structures & Personal psychology analysis
  • Positive Phychology, Goal Setting & Action
  • Sound Healing, Yoga Funk, Ecstatic Dance & Kundalini Shaking
  • Take home a Symbol of your Transformation – Create & screen print your own piece of  Silk
  • Full 60 Page Workbook provided
  • Planning for your year ahead

What to Expect

  • A giant leap in; Knowledge, Power, Compassion, Motivation & Energy!
  • Intensive Kundalini Tantra Yoga
  • Yoga, Q & A & treatment with a real Yoga Master/Guru
  • Theory: Yoga, Kundalini & Tantra
  • Deeper connection with yourself
  • Joy & Laughter
  • Expect to be Challenged!
  • Detox: physical, emotional & mental
  • Deep cellular cleansing on every level
  • Journaling, planning, challenge setting & Action
  • Silence & Various Spiritual Practices
  • New experiences – Surprise!
  • Transformation!


Everyone has Kundalini Energy! Kundalini is Shakti Power! The divine feminine, the energy that is creative, dynamic, flowing, manifestive & explosive.  However most of us are yet to realise this energy that lays dormant in the Base Chakra, symbolised as a Nagini (female snake) coiled 3.5 times around a Shiva Ligham.  When this serpent energy wakes & activates her ultimate goal is to move from the base Chakra to the Crown Chakra where she will met up with her consort Shiva, the masculine energy, the polar opposite, to create union & balance.


At the Light your Internal Sun Retreat you will be guided through a personal process that involves particular processes facilitating you to flow more prana (energy) through your body.  The process is designed for you to clear and empty your body & mind of toxins, tensions, emotional & mental imbalances.  You will become clear, integrated, motivated & happy! We will explore Kundalini and the concept & practices of Tantra, which is what true Yoga is; Union of Consciousness & Energy.

The practices & processes will include but not limited to: Kundalini Tantra Yoga, Breathwork & Bio Energetic Techniques, Group work, Fasting, Chanting, Sun-gazing, Sound Healing, Dancing, Sharing, Personal Prayer & most importantly Laughing & Fun!

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Before we raise our Kundalini, it is important to first cleanse the Nadis & Chakras through Kundalini Tantra Yoga, Spiritual practice & blessing from Spiritual Guide/Guru & creator of Kundalini Tantra Yoga Mr Ketut Arsana.

Kundalini Tantra Yoga is a unique and dynamic detoxing Yoga system that uses yoga postures & applies deep dynamic breathing as well as a flowing serpent like movement of the spine, pelvis & head. The unique style of movement and breathing creates a wave like energy current in the body. By expanding and contracting the energy flow, the waves of energy coursing through the body generates internal heat “Ignites your Internal Sun!” Activates the Endocrine Gland system which connects to the Chakras! So we activate the physical body, which in turn activates the energetic system and that is how we cleanse the Nadis & Chakras.

Yoga is Union: We attain the union that is called Yoga by awakening & cleansing the Nadis, Chakras & Shakti. One quick way of doing this is Kundalini Tantra Yoga!

As you open, activate & cleanse the chakras through Kundalini Tantra Yoga & Spiritual practice, you empty yourself and become more open & receptive to a divine blessing. Meaning, the energy in the blessing is able to penetrate deeper into your being, your consciousness expands and you will gain spiritual insights & knowledge from within. 


As part of the “Ignite Your Internal Sun & Shine” Retreat you will receive a treatment with Mahatma Therapist Mr Ketut Arsana (Sri Jaya Shakti – Guru of Ashram Munivara).

Ketut or as his Students call him Sri Guru, is a Master Yogi, a Self/God-Realised individual, meaning he has raised & mastered Kundalini Energy & expanded his mind to realise oneness.  He is the creator of Kundalini Tantra Yoga, the Guru/Spiritual Leader of Ashram Munivara, the Founder & Owner of Ubud Bodyworks.  He is my Yoga teacher, all I know has been delivered to me from him either physically or psychically.

Sri Guru has completely surrendered his life to serving God by way of serving human beings, he works joyfully, tirelessly & magically to serve his community, his students & his family. Sri Guru is a real life, living example of someone who sees, feels and knows the God inside of himself & everyone else, his family extends to all of humanity.

To receive a treatment from him is Amazing Grace! is very much a divine gift.

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For more information on Mr Ketut Arsana visit Mr Ketut Arsana http://raisingkundalini.com.au/mr-ketut-arsana/  


All humans on the planet are being pushed to realise themselves, to take responsibility for their own revolution, to become more spiritual in nature.  Eventually enough individuals will become self-realised that we will arrive at a critical mass of self/god-realised people. Then, we raise the consciousness/vibration of this world. Pretty deep… but it is true.

One day all humans will be enlightened, as that is the direction humanity must go. Then of course it won’t be considered enlightened or enlightened will be the norm

 Raising Kundalini is literally the purpose of human life!! It is the highest divine purpose of an individual and humanity as a whole


Kundalini is the tool that enables us to realise that we are much more than our bodies and material possessions & roles that we play in this life. There is a much greater purpose to life.  Human life is a gift from god to grow, we cannot grow without form, we need a body to process our karma through which enables us to move into compassion & acceptance of all, love of all.

To progress, to evolve, to revolutionise we need both Energy = Kundalini/Shakti & Consciousness = Knowledge/Shiva.  At the light your internal Sun retreat, you WILL raise your energy & you Will gain knowledge.

Becoming more spiritual is not creating an image of being spiritual by the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the language  & words you use, or how much (physical asana) yoga you do.  Being more spiritual is residing in the heart; speaking, listening & acting from the heart, accepting & loving unconditionally all in existence.  However,  lets be honest….  we are not all Jesus Christ! so we have not quite mastered the art of absolute unconditional love, so the most important action to take is; taking 100% responsibility for the experiences we have had, for the life we have created, for the relationships we have developed, for the judgements we may harbour and for the feelings & resistance we may experience.

 Taking 100% responsibility brings awareness back to ourselves, the basics of enlightened behaviour; it is all happening inside us! External life is just a reflection of internal life. 

At the “Ignite your Internal Sun Retreat” you are not going to wait for life to challenge you… you are going to challenge & nurture yourself! Inner work is always challenging & confronting but the results are empowering, amazing and even magic!

Some people that have realised their spiritual nature & responsibility have come to that point through a personal disaster of some kind “a divine storm” as some people call it,  something that rocks your world so much that it can’t be explained away, at this point we can become victims of what we perceive to be, bad luck or a negative situation that we deserve, or can’t change.  Alternatively we can see it as an invitation from the universe, an invitation to go deeper into ourselves.  Anyone that has healed from anything physical, mental or emotional has done so by taking 100% responsibility and looking deep into themselves…  inside is where we realise that our wound is really our gift and is very much a divine gift and “actually it is a complete set up, to send us on our path of dharma”, Our life’s purpose!  So embrace your challenges! they are gifts.  People can & do arrive at their Spiritual awakening through many ways, but be assured, everyone in life is challenged! that is life.

My style of facilitation is to hold space for people when needed, challenge and take people deeper when warranted & keep it light & laugh at our humanness as well. We all relate to each others experiences, we are all going through the same thing, it just looks different on the outside for everyone.  Sharing your process with fellow humans is absolutely the most powerful & quickest way to transform and move forward in life & on your spiritual path.

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The Ignite Your Internal Sun Retreat


You should participate if:

  • You practice yoga & meditation, but want to take it deeper
  • You deserve time out, to be with yourself, to get to know yourself & grow
  • You feel like you need a good detox & revitalisation
  • You want to go to the next level of: love, acceptance, knowledge, motivation, direction & energy
  • You want to be pro-active & challenge yourself, not re-active & wait for life to challenge you
  • You have the courage to go inside & reveal what’s there, own it, embrace it & love all of yourself
  • You feel deep inside, that there must be MORE! a more amazing, courageous, bold & beautiful person inside
  • You are currently being challenged in life; physically, emotionally or mentally
  • You feel drawn to it!
  • You know you deserve it!
  • Simple if you feel it, Just Do it! I guarantee you will not regret it!

ACT Now – Action Changes Things!

Limited Spots: 

DATES: Dates not currently scheduled UBUD, BALI


Or Contact Us For a Direct Deposit Invoice

  • Skye: +61 415 290 146
  • Email: info@raisingkundalini.com.au

Venue 1 – Narasoma Retreat Centre

Narasoma private retreat centre is perfect for the Ignite Your Internal Sun & Shine retreat, Narasoma is in the heart of Ubud situated on both sides of the river…. The retreat centre area offers us privacy and convenience, it is fully self-contained so we won’t be tempted when fasting! We have our own balinese carved, beautiful yoga shala on the 4th floor, our own private workspace & kitchen area.  Narasoma also has a home stay rooms, villas, 2 other yoga shale’s, a pool & beauty spa, beautiful gardens, friendly service & lovely supportive energy.  Perfect for the kind of process you will be undertaking.

Venue 2 – Om Ham Retreat Centre

The 2nd part of our retreat we will move to Om Ham Retreat Centre, created by Guru Ketut Arsana, Mahatma therapist* and world renown healer created Om Ham to serve humanity in a greater capacity beyond his personal healing treatments.  His intent is to provide a highly energised sacred space surrounded by immense natural beauty for you to turn within and rejuvenate.  Om Ham is next to Ashram Munivara, where we will be doing some of our spiritual practices, we will also participate in Satsang & Kundalini Tantra Yoga.

Guru Arsana’s philosophy reaches beyond religion as he reminds us that “All rivers meet the ocean and lose their names to fuse with the Mother.” the Mantra Om Ham, is a way of calling your spirit. In Om Ham he offers a seed for you to plant within your inner self so that the tree of life together as humans may blossom with tolerance and love to create a peaceful world.

*Mahatma is a vow to serve humanity

What to Bring

  • An open mind & a willing heart
  • All of you & your enthusiasm for Life!
  • Yoga Clothes! many sets
  • Swimmers
  • A Journal or pad
  • Light clothes
  • NOTE: Nothing substantial but a full list of suggested items will be sent to you prior to the retreat.

Arrival Information

  • Book a Flight to Denpasar, Bali.  Jetstar often has great sales for this time!!
  • Note:  if you are coming from Australia the flights usually arrive very late at night, so you will have to arrive late on 13th, we can organise for an additional night stay at Narasoma Home stay for approx $40.
  • You can organise a taxi from the Airport on arrival, or let us know and we can organise a transfer for approx $40AUD.  All address details will be forwarded prior retreat.
  • You can come to Ubud earlier, or of course stay on longer after the retreat

DATES: Dates not currently scheduled

Price $1999.00

Or Contact Us For a Direct Deposit Invoice

  • Skye: +61 415 290 146
  • Email: info@raisingkundalini.com.au