Breathwork is a powerful healing modality that facilitates emotional detoxification! It is purification through the Element of AIR.

Breathing is an automatic function of the body, so most of the time we are unaware that we are actually doing it, which is fine, we go to sleep, we go to work, we make dinner, watch tv, exercise.. we are alive… ‘well partially’!

The breath is more than just oxygen, it is our life force, pure energy! if you want more energy, then breathe more! The yogis call it prana; the pure driving force behind our very existence.  We can go without food for months & without water for weeks and yet we will not survive without breathing for more than a few minutes. So we can breath unconsciously and stay alive or we can bring some consciousness to the breath and something extraordinary happens…

Conscious breathing through breathwork bridges the gap between the conscious & the unconscious mind. In breathwork & body psychotherapy the body is seen as a representation of the unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind is where we store all our suppressed feelings or unexpressed emotions and where our limiting beliefs also live. Suppressed emotions are actually emotions that were experienced but not expressed, they were pushed down and stored in the cells of our physical body, over time the suppressed emotions fester, they become toxic & cause blockages. These blockages could be experienced as physical pain, illness, dysfunctional relationships or dis-ease in any way. The unconscious mind creates these symptoms in the attempt to get us in-touch with the suppressed emotion so that this stuck energy can be released. e.g. if we suppressed a lot of sadness in childhood we might develop a physical situation that gets us in-touch with grief, so that grief can be felt, expressed and released. In breathwork we are not waiting for a life circumstance to process our old unprocessed emotions we are being pro-active, we are going in and releasing these suppressions consciously so that we can direct our lives consciously rather than our suppressed emotions & blocked energy governing how & what our life looks like in their attempt to be free.

As we participate in breathwork we bridge the gap and bit by bit we expose what we have stored in our unconscious. We get to know ourselves, we connect with our deepest feelings and emotions. Most of us yearn for this kind of connection with ourselves, and being unable to attain it, we attempt to substitute this intimacy with the self by trying to connect with someone else, nature, or something else, this yearning to connect can in some cases result in the manifestation of addictions as we try to fill the void of disconnection.

As we become more intimate with ourselves we actually start to connect with ourselves and as a result we feel more connected to the world around us; our partners, children, families, nature & people in general. So to deepen your connection with others you have to deepen your connection with yourself.

Breathwork is a miracle tool that connects you with you! It bridges the gap between the conscious & the unconscious mind.


Emotional Detox

Woman-for-websiteEmotional Detox happens when we release the emotional blockages that are held in our body. Breathwork facilitates emotional release through overcharging the body with energy, the breath is just pure energy. Through dynamic breathing your body  is charged up & activated, and the systems are flooded with a flow of energy, the flow of energy bottle necks where there are blockages.

An analogy might be: like when there is a down poor of rain, the river systems get flooded and flowing water picks up all sorts of debris along the way as it rushes through cleansing the land. When the flow of the river water hits a damn wall or a blockage the pressure will build. If the pressure subsides the blockage will hold, however, if there is enough energy or pressure in the water then the dam wall will break releasing and freeing the energy that was stored behind it.

The body works the same, we have blockages in the energy system of the body, everybody does (if you didn’t you would be enlightened) these blockages have many origins but some of them are created through suppressing and storing old emotions. These emotions were usually experienced in early childhood, but for some reason the child did not feel it was safe to express their feelings; so we suppressed them and stored them safely in our body (or unconsciousness) and they have been stuck there ever since.

The energy from the dynamic breath is flowing in the body like a raging river, it gets caught at the blockages and the pressure builds, if we can keep the pressure on through a constant flow of  breath, the blockage will weaken and release! The person participating in a breathwork session may experience this release in the way of feeling an emotion, the emotion that was trapped and stored inside causing the blockage. This is emotional detoxification! it is a deep cleanse.

Emotions: E-motion = Energy in Motion, meaning E-motions are suppose to be fluid, moving and flowing. Emotions should come up, be felt and released. The blockages represent Emotions that are not flowing they are stuck and they manifest in the body as aches & pains, illness & dis-ease.

These emotions do try to get released by the way of attracting people and/or situations that trigger you to feel this same emotion so that it can be slowly released unconsciously without you knowing.

Emotional Suppression

thCASENXMRWhat are the blockages? How are emotions suppressed and stored in the body? If you have read this far then you realise that I believe that most tensions & illness mental or physical in any aspect of our life has its origin in Suppressed Emotions. Of course I am not the only one, this is the view of many people, more and more so as we evolve.

When emotions are suppressed they are stored in the unconscious mind which is reflected in our body. From the moment we are conceived we experience feelings through our Mother so everything she is feeling we are feeling, we are learning emotional behavior, so if mum feels things and doesn’t express them, we will do the same, it is a learned behavor from the very start. When we are born as we grow we are disciplined and trained within our family unit as to what is acceptable and what is not.  In some families it is OK to cry but not to express anger, in other families it is the opposite. I am not blaming families, it happens to all humans.  It is actually the child’s responsibility as it their perception that creates their reality and of course they are only a child they don’t have a rational thinking mind, they experience life through feeling, through their own feelings, children are constantly learning and making decisions about how they need to act and behave in order to be loved and accepted,  the child’s perception is reality, it is their truth.  The child sees & feels how mum and dad behave and tries to become a carbon copy in some ways.

It becomes clear that our personality is built around wanting to be loved and accepted by our family, we try to fit in and get our fair share of love from Mum & Dad so we develop our own personality different to our brothers and sisters in an unconscious way of manipulating to get love.  We act this way in the belief that is how we get love and this becomes an unconscious belief and takes us away from our true essence, as we grow this acting results in a feeling of disconnection from self as an adult, a feeling of not knowing who we are, what we want etc.

There is also other factors; Maybe the child was very scared and with light hearted intention was made fun of by mum, dad or siblings, that child felt rejected, dismissed, embarrassed and felt shamed, because of this experience they may never let anyone know when he or she is experiencing fear or scared again, thus fear becomes an emotion that when experienced is suppressed rather than expressed. The child gets so good at suppressing fear when it is experienced it becomes automatic & unconscious, once they are in adult hood they may unaware that they even have fear at all, they may even appear to be fearless, because of this the body becomes clogged with fear which can result in an adult evenutally suffering from anxiety.

If a child is tantruming in anger and gets in trouble, he may feel that love is being taken away or withdrawn and perceive that when I am angry no-one loves me, so then when they feel angry they suppress instead of express because they are scared they won’t be loved anymore. Of course all parents love their kids and forgive them for tantruming but the child makes a decision around him/herself that stays with them forever. This can result in an adult not being able to assert themselves and speak their truth in relationships (work, social & intimate) for fear of rejection.  There is as many scenario’s as to how emotional suppression can look like in life as there are people in the world, it happens to everyone in some way, its not the fault of the parents it just a reality, it is part of the human experience.  Real transformation happens when we can take responsibility for the beliefs we have created around emotions.

When emotions are suppressed they are stored in the unconscious mind which is reflected in our body.  From the moment we are conceived we experience feelings & learn emotional behavor

Emotional Release

breathing_fct1024x630_t460The releasing of the emotions is emotional detoxing, it can be very cathartic.  Over our lifetime we have stored all sorts of negative emotions, the Yogis call them Samskaras, we can even store happy emotions (believe it or not, some people’s experience in childhood was that is was unsafe to be happy?) Releasing happy emotions is great! however you have to get through the fear that suppressed it first.  The negative or lower emotions that are stored; Anger, Greif, Fear, Guilt & Shame actually become toxic to the system and filter through every aspect of  our life.  The releasing of the emotions is really the experiencing of the emotions that were stored.  So if it is fear, as the fear is releasing from the body it is actually felt,  you experience the fear, you feel scared.  People can consider this as a negative experience, but what is happening is; as the Energy gets mobilised it gets felt, as it is leaving the body it is experienced once the experience is over the emotion is released, let go of and no longer lives in the cells of your body.  The releasing of old emotions is a profound subterreanean detox, it is removing blockages, it is becoming conscious of what is inside of you, it is re-connecting, it is honoring the inner child’s feelings, it liberates energy & makes you lighter, you don’t carry those emotions or the experience they are attached too as bagage anymore which can result in the freedom from tensions, anxieties, sickness & disease.  Through this proccess we become more emotionally intelligent and take responsibility for our feelings rather than blaming them on others.

Emotional Intelligence

brain-synapsesWhen we become aware that our emotional reactions or feelings towards a person, situation or scenario are just a re-action from a past experience we are able to gain control over our emotions & re-actions.  By checking in with ourselves we recognise that this person or situation making us feel threatened, angry, sad or dismissed is actually just triggering an old memory, our emotion is the result of an attachment to a past event and we are unconsciously employing a defensive response that we created a long time before.  We realise that emotional reactions are rarely from the present situation but the past situation being triggered in the present time and can let go of defensive behavior.

This happens in relationships, ever notice that you somtimes behave like a child in relationships? feel left out & unloved etc it doesn’t make rational sense but the feeling is so strong, you flip out and over re-act.  You are actually re-acting out and old scenario.  In reality that person is not your mother abandoning you, a figure of authority is not your scary father, just your boss etc.  You develop self-awareness, develop humility and compassion for yourself & others leading to a deeper connection to yourself, humanity & all that exists.

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