2 hour Session: Bodywork & Breathwork, with vibrational healing and relaxation integration $160.00

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What people say about a session with Skye

Wow… that was not a massage, that was an experience!   – Michelle 

 I have never felt so light in my body, I feel like I am walking on air   – Jessica 

 I was so involved with the massage, Skye danced between relaxation & my threshold of pain like an angel & a demon! I was present in my body for the entire session & felt amazing after, highly recommend a massage with Skye  – Jenny 

You are amazing!! What just happened? – Michael 

 That was a spiritual experience, my third eye opened I saw geometric shapes and soooo much energy in my body – Sharon

Bodywork & Breathwork Sessions: What are they?


Bodywork & Breathwork Sessions: What are they? First and foremost I am a breath worker.  Everything I do, be it Bodywork, Yoga, Dance the most important part is the breathing!!  Bodywork is much more affective when the body is energetically activated through breathing.  When we breathe in a deep and connected manner the pranic (energetic body) becomes activated, the physical body becomes more sensitive and we are able too, together move through the blockages in the energy body that cause tension, discomfort and pain in the physical body.

As the practitioner I also need to keep myself charged up with prana have it flow through my body, through my heart and out of my hands.  So I need to keep my body activated the entire time as well, when we come to the end my body is able to run more energy through it because of the activated state.

The massage is generally quite deep but can also be rhythmic we both move and breathe together, we breathe in and we exhale, relax and lean into the discomfort of any tension, the client surrenders their body to the discomfort they breathe their way through.  Most people or actually all people unless consciously otherwise will breathe IN when they experience discomfort in anyway be it physical, mental or emotional.  We tend to breathe in and hold on, so we aim to do the opposite we breathe in and then OUT as we move deeper into the discomfort, we lean into it, surrender into it.  Much like a labouring mother must lean into, open into, surrender into the discomfort so that the baby can come out.  This process of opening into, softening into pain is such a powerful process.  Really life demands that we face our pain, even run towards it if we are brave enough, we can learn this through the body.

When we learn to soften into physical discomfort, the energy that was trapped causing the discomfort is able to move, it moves out on the breath, through feeling, or sometimes emoting or expressing.  This leaning into and allowing the discomfort gives us strength to lean into other painful experiences in our life such difficult emotions or thoughts or situations.

We hold every-thing in our body, our energetic body filters through to our physical body and our physical body filters through to our energetic body.  Literally everything we have experienced is in the body, well the mind too, but the body is the mind… put more accurately the body is the unconscious mind.  So all those feelings, experiences & beliefs that have been suppressed or forgotten… they are stored in your body!! so releasing the body like this is super powerful.

A lot of energy can move, shift & release, believe me… A lot can come out and shift in these sessions, so at the end we always finish with an integrative breathing style with relaxation techniques and a vibrational sound bath to cleanse, integrate and complete the session.

At this point a lot of energy healing is done, the body has moved through a lot of energetic and physical blocks, you have been breathing solid for more than an hour, you are expanded and receptive to receive more energy through your breath and through me as the practitioner.  I channel cosmic energy and pray for energy to heal for the highest good of all.

Most people do leave feeling amazing and en-lightened in various areas of themselves.  This can last for a few days, but also remembering that it can be a very deep energetic experience and it can also be a bit topsy turbo for a few days as well.

I do not want to create dependency but I do recommend a series of at least 3 sessions in a short period of time, maximum 6 weeks.  You will see that your body surrenders and is able to let go and is actually much less painful after just 3 sessions.

Interview with Sharon White