Get Your Kundalini Rising!!

2 x Mini Workshops
On Charging & Discharging the energy in the body.

2015 is off to a flying start!! I can feel the final sprint for the finish line for the year of the Horse!  Hold on tight for the next couple of weeks!

There is a lot of energy build up in the body from Christmas, New Year, School Holidays and returning to work, the pressure of achieving the New Years resolutions; get to the gym, loose weight, do more yoga, meditate every day, detox, go to the beach, stop drinking, get more organised and the list goes on & on… we sometimes have so much to do that we get a little overwhelmed.  

When we get overwhelmed or stressed as I have been in the last few weeks, we think ‘I need to calm down… de-stress’  but what does that look like?  Is it meditation? is it more Yoga? or is it just acceptance….  staying calm in the storm, being quite amongst the noise, taking action instead of re-acting. Yes, Ok we all know that is what to do… we get it on the mental level, but how does one go about achieving this calm in the storm, quite in the noise?  Well it is through the body! We can get a concept in the mind, but that does not mean it is embodied in you, that it is grounded into your being…. Ok ok, so how do we do that?  read on…

In the last few weeks I have been very present to the overcharge of energy in my body that then comes out sideways, the overcharge of energy results in a feeling of  being overwhelmed, so over whelmed is really the experience of your body spilling over with energy.  We have a container inside of us that holds energy, everyone has a different sized container with a different capacity to hold energy, when we are over-charged we spill over the edge as in over-filling a glass of water, it spills and becomes a big mess… Our lives become messy because we breach our limit and things start to become unstuck.

The trick is to discharge the energy through the body with movement & breath!  We charge & discharge. When we discharge consciously instead of spilling over we actually create more room… meaning we increase the size of our container to hold energy! so we get a bigger glass that holds more water! we can hold more energy before experiencing overwhelm, but of course we will approach our limit again & again so we need to discharge the energy consciously or it will spill over and make a mess in our lives.

As an energetic living being, we take in energy or charge ourselves with energy and we discharge it in an attempt to create balance, growth takes energy as in a child growing they are growing their bodies, their mind and their container to hold energy, so they charge energy, consume some and then discharge… we have all seen kids discharging energy right…? running around, screaming, crying, jumping, bumping etc etc..  As adults we can be of low energy… our energy is depressed… then we need to charge up and the cause of depression can then be discharged and expelled from the body.  If we are generally over-charged we will be re-active, then like children we need to discharge.  We can do it by running around, screaming and crying or we can do it more consciously and this then creates a bigger container so that we can actually hold more energy which is the aim, to hold more energy in the body is to expand, to bring more energy in the body and give it to others, ground it down into the planet, raise your consciousness, RAISE your KUNDALINI!!

The spilling over, or the unconscious discharge can be anything from; Reacting badly, blaming, drinking too much, experiencing anxiety (a big one), anger, grief, we create events or dramas in our life! We loose ourselves and we don’t really know, how or when and when we realise we are lost its all a bit late and it’s a long way back to balance.  

I believe or my experience and embodied knowledge is that we need to discharge the body of energy fairly regularly become more present in the body become more aware of our body & sensations, to know thyself. When you develop more body awareness you feel the tension start to build…. we need to discharge it consciously before we create havoc in our lives!!  & thus creating a bigger container and more growth & expansion.

The best ways  I know to charge and discharge the body of energy is;
1) Conscious & energetic breathing!!
2) Movement of the body – Movement is life!! without movement there is no life
3) Having body work done to you combined with energetic breathing

I am running a 2 part series workshop on 1st & 8th February, the Workshop will be focused on charging and discharging the body… So come along to experience yourself, your energy & your body.

Workshop includes:
Intro & Kundalini Tantra Yoga Class
Bio Energetic Breathing
Free Form Movement

2 x Mini Workshops
1st & 8th February 2015
4.00pm – 7.00pm
@ Dee Why School of Yoga (stones arcade, 673 Pittwater Road)
Investment $40 per workshop or $70 for both.These Workshops will be focused on building energy in the body with movement & breath and will include: Kundalini Tantra Yoga, Active Breathing processes, Free form movement, Release & Relaxation!Go on and give yourself a gift, you totally deserve it, blow out the cobwebs, create some room inside for new energy, ideas & concepts to ground into your body.  Build a bigger container for energy inside, and have lots of fun & meet new people too.For more information, or to book in contact Skye 
on: 0415 290 146
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What to Bring: An open mind,
A willing body
A towel!! & drink
A sense of humour
Oh…. and don’t forget yourself!!

What is happening with Raising Kundalini in 2015?

On a personal note I am getting married in Feburary and going away on honeymoon, my ‘husband to be’ Shaun & I are traveling to Bali!!  I am running this 2 workshop series on charging and discharging the body in Feburary and then I will be Missing In Action for the next month.

I will be back in late March and will be running some short courses on Kundalini Tantra Yoga, loads of mini workshops focusing on various experiences, and my Massage experience is definitely a hit, so if you haven’t had a massage with me, then think about that, people say it is quite an experience!!

There will also be a couple of weekend retreats and a Bali Retreat this year!! I know ambitious!! but I am an ambitions type a girl!

My Website is having big issues at the moment so I do apologise for that I am on it and hopefully it will be up and running again in a few days.

If you have any questions please give me a call 0415 290 146.