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Screen shot 2013-12-29 at 10.00.56 PMLike you I am a spiritual & cosmic being of love and light currently living in a body.  In this body & life I have the pleasure of being Skye Essington-Wilson. All that I have experienced in my life has lead me to become a Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher & Breathwork Facilitator and I am currently studying to be a health & wellness coach based on yogic principles & systems.  I have also been to the university of real life; from abuse & trauma to drug & alcohol addictions to sickness, depression and disease.  I have healed myself from all of these conditions and I am truly a happy person!  I love my life and my relationships, of course I have negative feelings and situations but they are not as consuming as they were, I am able to observe and differentiate from my emotions.  My pure passion, what gives me the most joy & what I feel is my life’s purpose is to share my experience & assist others who are stuck to move from inertia to liberation & transformation!

I am a qualified Breathwork Practitioner, Yoga Teacher; Kundalini Tantra Yoga, Purna Yoga & Currently studying Yogic Studies through Satyananda. I am a student of life & all people, life provides so much learning!

A little bit of History

I have worn many masks in the past…  professionally I have been a travel agent, events manager, holiday let property manager, sales person, retail manager, organic shop assistant, superyachts, cafe’s etc. A jack of all trades… you know the story.  Socially, well that was usually just one mask, the party mask!

From a very young age I was into drugs, alcohol & cigarettes, I spent all my teens and most of my 20’s really in a drug & alcohol haze, although I seemed to be and thought I was having fun! traveling the world, living in exotic places, living the good life!  But something was missing, I didn’t quite fit in anywhere, wasn’t really happy anywhere.

I was running from one place to the next, back home, then away again.  I thought I was living the dream (whatever that was…)  experiencing different things, people & places… but, I could never quite connect to things, people or places, so I would move on.  With hindsight, I can see that I was empty and lost inside but I was blind, I didn’t even realise. I was so lost in denial and disconnected from myself, I actually had no idea what I was feeling, what I wanted or who I was.

I thought that my life would just work out… like everyone else, you know married, house a few kids, a good job etc etc…  As time marched on it became apparent that I was a long way from any of these things.  I had not grown up yet, I was stuck at the emotional maturity of a young teenager, I didn’t want to be… I was confused.  I did not have any responsible guidance, and I had a judgement around seeking help, so I just kept on going the only way I new how.

The tale of my life is a long and eventful story!  It has all the elements that connect with fellow humans:  funny, adventurous, weird, crazy, embarrassing, triumphant, sad, exciting, heartbreaking, happy, ingenious, stupid, fun, wild, confusing & strange…  but that is a story for another time.


One day my Sister & Mum called me while I was in Europe working and said I must come home as my sister had discovered something from our past through doing emotional release work; Cathartic Breathwork program.  I was confused & angry at the time but agreed to coming home.  Looking back, I realise during this time I was just overflowing with emotions and pain in my body & mind from holding in and holding on.  A few months later I came home and started to face myself, my pain & my past.   It was the first step of coming out of denial and taking responsibility for my life, & the first step towards my spiritual awakening, my life purpose and happiness.

Cathartic Breathwork is using the breath to release suppressed emotions that are held in the body.  Wow!? What the …..? this was seriously the weirdest and wildest thing I had ever done!! Absolutely no exceptions! (believe me I have experienced some wild things in life…) the process of realising and releasing what was actually inside of me, OMG.. all the suppressed emotions; Anger, grief, fear, shame and guilt was absolutely terrifying, awful & heartbreaking yet somehow liberating and funny!  Humans….

We did a lot of consciousness work, conscious relating, taking responsibility, personal development 101 kinda stuff. Looking at our behavioral decision making processes, Co-dependency, development of physical structures & studying personality defense structures.  This was an exhausting and miraculous process that I did for 2 years! In which I became a professional facilitator for breathwork and the associated processes.

Throughout this process I started to have more and more spiritual experiences and I guess the more blockages I was releasing from my body the higher my body was vibrating, moving all the stuck dark & dense energy was literally making me lighter and more open.  I was holding more light in my body, which brought with it some new exciting & strange experiences of expansion.  Only it started to get a bit hard to handle; headaches, night sweats, day sweats, strange visions, dreams, nightmares & terrors.


Screen shot 2013-12-29 at 3.59.08 PMThen I met my spiritual Guru! Sri Jaya Shakti.  I participated in a yoga weekend, I had not done much yoga in the past, but I had done it, I loved to dance & would do it for hours as a child, it was a type of escapism for me, I was a pretty good all round athlete when I was a child, and had always somehow maintained good body awareness.  My Grandfather was a great influence in my life and he was a wonderful athlete and quite a famous physiotherapist.  As a small child he taught me to tumble and to breath! showed me how to breath in my belly in my back and even had me controlling my breath so that I could breath on one side of my diaphragm and then the other… So I suppose I have been a breathworker and yogini for a long time, just got lost in the middle there for a while.

To be honest, yoga wasn’t particularly my thing, I had tried it a few times before doing breathwork when I was holding all the trauma inside so I think I was going to fast and it was a bit confronting for me.  Anyways, this yoga was resonated with me, like it was my Grandfather teaching me, actually my Teacher Mr Ketut Arsana reminds me a lot of him, they have a very similar energy.

The unique & dynamic breathing & serpent like movement was amazing, I could really feel energy moving.  It was like a breathwork session, a bio energetic process, yoga, cardio, meditation & trance all in one! Sri Guru gave me a mantra that day, and I started to say this mantra in the mornings and whenever I thought of it.  Within 2 months I had left my boyfriend, left my job and was on my way to Bali to stay in his Ashram for a few weeks.  At this time, it felt like I was out of control, that a higher power was controlling me that I had to surrender too.

I was frightened, I was excited, I felt big, I felt small, I remember thinking ‘excitment & fear are the same emotion, just depends on your perspective!’,  but I was actually aware of my FEELINGS!! haha (thanks breathwork!).  Something deep inside was stirring, strange energetic experiences & coincidences had been happening to me.  I stayed in the Ashram for 16 days, which felt like a lifetime, words cannot describe or communicate my experience there, it is beyond my intellect & consciousness. I left for home, stopped in Darwin… and thought nup… I am going back!

So I went back for 3 & half months, and this was just simply the most magical experience of expanding my consciousness.  I felt I had gone through a secret doorway to a ‘Harry Potter’ Film or at times the ‘Temple of Doom’!!  I did Kundalini Tantra Yoga every day, I fasted, I did spiritual practices, I cried & I cried & I cried some more.  I mean…. I thought I cried a lot during the breathwork emotional release work, but this was like my spirit crying.  I felt like I was crying for all the pain in the whole world.  It seemed that I had just woken up in time to see my ship of dreams sail over the horizon… I was left with nothing, I was nothing, I was no-one & had nothing or no-one.  Apparently this is a good place to start! my Guru said… I must let go of my hopes & dreams and offer myself in service. Overtime I realised I also had everything and indeed as people always say, everything was perfect, my live was unfolding as it should.  Life is always a paradox: I call it  ‘opposite world’ to realise you have everything you have to let everything go first.

I was humbled, I was blessed, I was grateful, I was loved.  The pain of being fully loved and accepted is excruciating, without the love, acceptance, ruthless compassion and trust of my Guru I would never learn to love and accept myself.  This experience put the wonder & magic back into my life that can only be compared to the innocent unconditional love, imagination and fun of a child.  A magical, mystical & intimate journey of love & pain with myself.


During this time I became a Kundalini Tantra Yoga teacher! I just got this yoga, it processed me so much… I mean I really understood it with my body, mind, heart & soul. My own body awareness & understanding of the power of breath through the blessing of my Grandfather & the discovery of Cathartic Breathwork gave me great insight into this yoga and was paramount in my ability to see the immense power and healing potential of this yoga.  It really is an amazing, powerful, dynamic & detoxing healing yoga system.  My body just opened up and so did my mind.  This is my yoga! Wow.

I was blessed by Sri Guru to teach Kundalini Tantra Yoga here in Australia. So that is my purpose at this time, to assist people to work through their blockages in their physical body (emotions are held in the body & reflect in how our life looks)  so that they can raise their energy, hold more light, expand their conscious awareness & realise their purpose and responsibility to bring more peace to the world.

That is the magic of Breathwork & Yoga you actually facilitate your own healing, you do the work with the guidence of me or whom ever you choose, in my experience no-one can fix you, you have to do it yourself.

I can help people raise their energy through facilitating Kundalini Tantra Yoga, various styles of breathwork, physical & mental processes, being in my heart, sharing my own path and following my truth & my Guru’s ruthless compassion for humanity!

So come along to a Kundalini Tantra Yoga workshop, course or class, or come and see me for a breathwork session.

Commit an act of self-love and allow yourself the gift of having a true experience of who you are!


Feeling is Healing, and anything else is a manipulation by the mind to avoid pain.  This is the truth we will do anything to avoid the pain inside of us, even create more pain! OMG Humans.  I have realised that we spend our whole lives trying to avoid feeling pain, but the whole purpose of human life is to process pain! to process our karma. Our body & life is a vehicle & road to process pain/karma through, so the more we process/release the more liberated and light we get & the faster we travel on the road.

I have realised that our pain is actually a compass that leads us to our true purpose, that our woudings & pain end up being our gifts! opposite world again..

E-motions = Energy in Motion, Energy in Motion = Feeling! Emotions should be fluid coming up, be acknowledged and released from the body, when they get stuck we experience more pain (dis-ease in body & life) and our energy becomes dark, heavy & negative, our emotions become dis-owned and we blame them on other people (meaning we are not taking responsibility for them).

To process our pain we need courage; courage to Change.  Real change is very scary.  The only way to empower ourselves to change is to take responsibility for what is, this process of taking responsibility is riddled with anger, grief, fear, guilt & shame. Responsibility moves us from being a victim (life is something that happens to you) to the empowerment of being a creator.

Our lives are just a reflection of what is inside of us, a reflection or our own energy… it is no wonder we have an epidemic of physical, mental and social illness.  We have to change the energy in our body to change how our life looks, this results in paradigm shift in how we perceive the world.

We raise our energy, we raise our vibration, we gain more knowledge of ourselves…  we literally start an enlightenment process!


I happy and working hard to serve my purpose, my love of yoga and love of human transformation. I have been writing, practicing & studying.  I am starting to teach Kundalini Tantra Yoga classes, to spread Guru Ketut Arsana’s knowledge and raise awareness of his amazing modality.

I am now engaged to my partner Shaun, whom I left to go to Bali. I thank him and love him so much. he is an amazing, loving and patient man who has done nothing but love me endlessly through a really crazy and traumatic time.  He has been the wind under my wings that keeps my flying.  The warm soft landing when I am falling.  When I push him away, he is a rock, he is present, he is a Man allowing me the struggle to bloom and finally become a woman.


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