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Kundalini Tantra Yoga; Dynamic & Detoxing Yoga! Facilitates a powerful detoxification process for body & mind allowing purification, healing & balance to occur so you obtain or maintain optimum health, growth & overall wellness.


Breathwork uses the  life force energy in the breath to build a bridge between the unconscious & the conscious mind; allowing you to feel, express & release suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs that cause blockages & drive behavioural patterns.


Sessions with Skye include Bodywork, Breathwork & Vibration to completely release and heal physical, mental & emotional bodies.  Sessions are based on intuition involving deep tissue, relaxation, breathing, sound, energy, integrity & intention.


Introduction to Kundalini Tantra Yoga through the Elements is a 6 week introduction course that progressively moves through & builds on the 5 Elements of creation.  There is also an Elemental Cleanse weekend retreat.

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 Breathwork Packages

Breathwork is a very powerful healing modality, that gets us intouch with how we are feeling what is suppressed in the body.. Where you release old stuck emotions that are causing energy blocks in your body.



Packages for detox & personal growth


 Detox Package

If you really want to transform! To get the most out of any of these methods of detox, is to integrate them all together so that you can balance as you process, detox and grow. Kundalini Tantra Yoga through the Elements course, 3 x Breathwork/massage therapy sessions & the Elemental Cleanse weekend!  A suggested diet will also be outlined. This program will definitely shift your consciousness and transform you in the way of positive growth.  There will also plenty of support during this  6 – 8 week program.  For more information contact me.

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If you have any questions at all about Kundalini Tantra Yoga, Breathwork, massage therapy, the workshop, course or retreat, or you just want to chat about my, or your experiences then please contact me! I love to chat.  Skye

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